Sunday, 6 February 2011

In case you are watching...


  1. Happy birthday SP!

    Hope you'll give him plenty of treats. From the photo I could do without R. There's just entirely too much hair there.

  2.'re so sweet.

    Hope it's appreciated.

    By the way, we definitely have different tastes in men. Give Matt Damon another 20 years and I might fancy him.

  3. Yay first (and second!) Weeeeeeeeee!

  4. Oh hai Roses hahaha

    Nice to bump into you here

  5. Happy Birthday SP...
    And while I'm here I'd like a "T"... a topless "A" an "S" another "T" just to see if his shirt has dried out... and a "Y" please. And I'd also like to finish with a triple "!"

    Thank you.... What a lovely place to dine...I must come here more often.

    Oh hai Roses Pete... Lets all crack open a bottle or two and sing happy birthday dear SP

  6. Oh hai Princess darling!

    Let's crack open the Dom for SP.

    PS. H and A and Exclamationpoint are welcome to swing by my place anytime. I'm sure they make for good conversation.

  7. Happy Birthday SP! Aaaaaaaand … Nope, I'm not on there! Good stuff, the stalker is slacking.

  8. Helloo gorgeouses. Sorry I'm late back here, I ended up licking the tv after watching Hawaii 5-0.

    Hope you spoiled SP rotten, IDV.

  9. Oh my god! Roses, you swore you didn't lick the tv!

  10. So SP and Bob Marley share the same birthday?

    I'm lighting up a spliff in their honour.

  11. 'Petra: He did get a lot of treats, actually.

    As for R - Yes, far too much hair. Not my cup of tea at all.

    Roses: I'd give Matt Damon all the years he has left - He'd never make my list.

    Princess: But which A?

    I'm imagining the topless one?

    I'll have a table reserved for you permanently!

    'Petra: H & A (I presume you mean the first A) should really have been the double P - After all, Max & Charlie Carver play Porter & Preston Scavo on Despo' Wives.

    Tim: The only reason you're not on there is that SP doesn't fancy you (I hope).

    But don't think I'm slacking for a moment.

    Roses & 'Petra: I must admit, the 5-O ads I've seen do encourage TV licking.

    MJ: SP would love to join you!

  12. No cake Miss MJ ???

  13. Not with that spliff alight - She'd blow us all to kingdom come, BEAST.

  14. Your imaginings would be correct!


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