Saturday, 18 December 2010

What would you sit on Santa's lap for?

Apple have finally released a product I would actually use, so I steeled my nerves, sat on Santa's lap and he gave me one.

The sculpted, handsome exterior is very pleasing on the eye and an absolute pleasure to handle due to the use of soft touch materials in its construction. It's also a very intuitive design and ergonomically perfect - I could use it all day without tiring.
There are a couple of concerns, however. The Aux-in is a bit tight for my docking station, but I'm sure it'll give after a few uses. The Aux-out connector on the other hand is really quite large. Not that I'm complaining - There are far too many small parts about these days. No, it's just so big that one needs both hands to operate it otherwise it's just unwieldy. It's also overloaded my software a couple of times due to the sheer speed and volume of the datastream. I tried pulling it out/off but that only seemed to make it worse. It must have swollen up in the heat of the moment modem as I just couldn't pull it free!

Ooh! I nearly forgot to tell you what this splendid new product is.


  1. iRawr!

    Where can I get myself an iTim?

  2. Well, they're very exclusive, 'Petra. And very expensive.
    I had to give up my soul, but it was definitely worth it.

  3. I thank you and my Keyboard thanks you for it's morning coffee shower!
    That is just the ticket for Christmas. An iTim.
    You never know what you will get for sitting on Santa's Lap.

    Oh Hi Petra...

  4. Syphillis was my main concern, Princess. That Santa does get around a bit.

  5. I must say, up until Friday I loved all Apple products but with receiving the Time Capsule in the mail I fear that the honeymoon is over. Quite frankly, I'm not even sure I'd want an iTim after that.

    They are impossible to hook up with.

  6. You seem to be all pleased about your itim. I hope longer and satisfying use is provided.

  7. Are batteries included?

  8. Mago: Oh, it's VERY satisfying!

    xl: Surprisingly, no. I had to run him off the car battery to ensure there was enough power for his many functions.

  9. Sorry, 'Petra. Nearly forgot you.
    I'm sorry to hear your Time Capsule isn't operating within normal parameters - Is that why you haven't posted since the 5th?

  10. Damn, I could have really used your iTim on Friday.

    I hope you iTim gives you many hours of pleasure.

  11. Yes, the entries are lost in the time space continuum because first I didn't get the time capsule and it's not working properly.

    I'll try again today, and perhaps with a little jiggery pokery it may work and you'll see another post.

  12. Your docking station is the size of Manchester.

    Including Wigan and environs.

  13. You've … actually gone to some trouble to make that, haven't you?

    Arranging RESTRAINING ORDERS - there's an app for that!

  14. Roses, you've given me an idea. Maybe I could hire him out?

    'Petra: * drums fingers on desk with impatience *

    MJ: Why, thank you!

    Tim: What do you mean? This was a legitimate purchase. Your restraining order should be aimed at Apple stores, surely?

  15. Well, it's done. There is a new entry.

  16. Oh dear...perhaps I've misinterpreted the meaning of docking station.

  17. Y'know, if we shopped him to Apple I reckon Steve Jobs' lawyers would come down on him HARD for some sort of copyright infringement…

  18. Does that mean I can't hire iTim now?

    Bugger, bugger, bugger.

  19. "Come down on him Hard"

  20. IDV darling, I need your help with my eclair, it's hard on the outside but sticky on the inside.

    I heard you are good with these things.

  21. Happy Christmas, IDV!

  22. I want an iScarlet.
    Merry Christmas, Mr Device!

  23. Happy Christmas to you and all your personalities, to SP, and to Moom.

  24. Ha! iLaughed out loud! Fantastic job!!!

    Have a Very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to You, yours, and the coven, IDV!!!


    Cheers and Best wishes!!!

  25. 'Petra: I'll be there shortly.

    MJ: It just depends on who's doing the docking.

    Tim: I think that's just wishful thinking on your behalf?

    Roses: Ah, you give up too easily!

    Princess: Tim's true feelings are easy for all to see!

    'Petra: I have no idea how anyone would have got that impression?

    xl: And a happy one to you too!

    Miss Scarlet: Ooh! Perhaps this could be the start of an iBlogger line?

    And happy Christmas to you, too.

    MJ: Thank you, Mistress. The same to you with knobs on!

    Eros: Why, thank you!

    Have a great one yourself!


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