Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Shiver me timber

Brrrr... I loathe flying in these freezing conditions. In fact, I generally avoid flying during winter as Broom's bristles tend to ice up and the last thing I need is plummeting to a frosty doom in the middle of nowhere. Plus, flying means I have to carry a multitude of apparatus for safety reasons:

Weather vane to measure wind direction
Thermometer to measure temperature
Thaumometer to detect magical fields
Heliostat to capture what little sunlight there is
Siderostat to capture starlight while night-flying
Barometer to measure atmospheric pressure
Goggles to prevent watering eyes (namely, mine - Anyone else should bring their own)

No. It's too much. Flying during winter is for emergencies only. Car will just have to stop whining about being taken out in such treacherous conditions and lump it.

Ooh! I wonder if that abominable snowman stable is up and running yet? Perhaps I could ride an adult one around until the snow and ice melts?


  1. Yes, the cold and the prospect of airport security groping are good reasons to stay home!

  2. I was going to leave a rude comment about you riding something in the snow, but instead I'll ju-

    Oh, turns out I did.

    WV: coomates?

  3. If I were you, I'd just stay in and take nicenlong hot baths.

  4. Wow! You are a High Flyer...
    The old dart looks so pretty painted in all that white. It is one of those Arty intillations right?

  5. You and me both. I'm hard pressed to walk out in these conditions, never mind fly.

    I'd like to hire your abominable snowman to take me to work and pick me up thanks. I'll e-mail you the times.

    Oh, does he also eat annoying colleagues? Can I knock that off the hire fee?

  6. You should ask that Serafina Pekkala how she manages to fly in cold weather without a hoodie...or ask her to recommend an armoured bear to ride on during the winter.

    My only cold weather advice: Wear a beanie; keeps your head warm and minimizes heat loss. And like CP said, enjoy the hot baths...

  7. That is such a great photo. Sorry about broom, but the snow and ice make for great photos.


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