Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Of Baths and Blogs

 Now, some of you seemed surprised at the fact that I have a blog notebook. When you think about it, it shouldn't be surprising. After all, I can't recall how many times I've mentioned how forgetful I am.

 My little blog-book always comes with me when I have a bath. You see, I like to wallow for a couple of hours in a nice, soothing bath, but it traps me, so, to stave off boredom, my imagination & memory go into overdrive and generates/recollects most of my ideas/our adventures. I think it's because I'm laying there doing nothing, with little to no distractions, so my minds are free to wonder/wander (as long as they come back again). Many an adventure over The Cusp has been recalled and jotted down - sometimes in excruciating detail - while in the bath. Also, the little adventures we've had out and about, or on the way to work. Even those things that have happened in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

 Here's Blog-book in its natural habitat:

('Petra, for your perusal, I have included my non-touchscreen phone which functions pretty much only as an alarm clock)

 Blog-book also follows me to bed. Well, one never knows when a dream will need capturing and pinning down to the page for later transference into the Demon Box, as the 27th November post clearly showed.

 Once I've transferred the captured thoughts and recollections, I cross through the page (or part-page if there's more than one subject per page) to show the future-me, who may be looking through the Blog-book, that we have committed it to Demon Box.

 Here are some examples that you may recognise. You may notice that not everything survives the transition intact:

(lick to engorge)

(Oops! I mean 'click', obviously...)

EDIT 17.06.2019 - added "
& memory", "/recollects", "/our adventures"


  1. But I don't want to see behind the curtain! I just like your blog magically appearing!

    Actually, I'm quite envious of your bath set-up.

  2. If memory serves, I seem to recall that our Miss Scarlet also has a blog notebook.

  3. What a lovely place to get all ceative in. Blog Book looks so cute among the caldles.
    I've tried writing in the shower (unfortunately after much discussion, the bath decided that it wanted to become a vegetable garden instead) but the pages quickly get all soggy.

    Thank you for the insights into your creative worlds...

  4. Colour me impressed.

    I jot down ideas whilst waiting in queues.

    But now I want to create The Big Book of Filthy Friday.

    Did you write in Blog-book during your Hot Tub Homo session?

  5. Dear Snooze, we don't have a bath curtain - We have a folding glass screen!

    I know what you mean, though, so let me put your mind at rest: Mainly, I use my Blog-book to write down all our memories of the adventures we have. The only stuff I actually have to use my imagination for is writing those (really quite pitiful) book reviews and all my shenanigans with Tim, sadly.

    xl: Ooh! I shall try to bask in her illustrious glow!

    Princess: I hope the bath didn't decide to go outside while you were in it?

    MJ: I will!

    * gets out crayons *

    Actually, I didn't have any blog ideas whilst hot tubbing it - I just did sudoku.

  6. Interesting…

    New Coven: UNITE! We need to capture this book!

  7. Tim: Agreed.

    As he leaves it on his bedside table, it shouldn't be too difficult.

    Any thoughts on how we should proceed?

  8. We distract him with sailors.

    Pete! Beast! Put on these uniforms and jaunty hats and keep IDV busy while MJ and I shimmy up the drainpipe.

  9. You’re welcome to shimmy up his drainpipes, Tim, but I’m not following after you!

  10. *Shows up in bejewelled sailor suit fit for the likes of Cher circa 1990 and 6 inch Manolos* prepared for boarding capt'n!

    By the way, well impressed and jealous of bath setup. The pitiful phone not so much. Go on, get an iPhone. You know you want to.



  12. Yes, I do have a blog notebook! Snap.
    Most sensible. I approve.

  13. Anonymous2/12/10 22:39

    I can not write in the bath or in bed. I tried, but it does not work - and is deeply unsatisfying because it makes me very conscious of the loss. But I agree totally with you, the bath is a very good place to think, be it imaginative or analytical. And exactly there lies the crux, writing is "Ordnung" ... I come along better with fixing some images or pictures in my mind. Loading all into these images and recalling it later, fixing it by writing - again conscious of the loss. Sometimes I wish I could paint.

  14. New Coven (minus BEAST): Oh, come on. I expect a much more daring plan than that from you.
    This leads me to believe that the brains of the bunch are actually resident in Beast - A concept I'm finding difficult to come to terms with.

    * basks in Miss Scarlet's approval *

    Mago: I know what you mean. I cannot write in bed, either which annoys me because of the loss of which you speak.
    The same with pictures - I quite often think in images but do not have the wherewithall to sit down and sketch/paint them properly, so become disappointed in myself.

    Such is the life of a blogger, no?

  15. Anonymous4/12/10 21:55

    Of everybody who's mad enough to believe that his imagination is worth to be fixed, communicated and interpreted - unprohibited exhibitionism. I am constantly amazed about this side of mine.

  16. Oi I was practicing the Horn Pipe
    Did I miss it

  17. I'm afraid my own blog posting comes from smoking in my garden, driving and thinking of blogging when I should be working. Then, I sit at my laptop and regurgitate.

    Not that you'd ever be able to tell, of course.

    I do love your bath set up though. V cosy.


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