Thursday, 23 April 2009

One voluminous Bone

I have read a book this year.


I mean, Christ! Where does time go? I’ve been living with SP since the beginning of March, but still haven’t had a chance to set up the Demon Box, never mind read at the rate I used to as a Singleton. There just seems to be so much housework and maintenance and gardening and shopping and meal-making and Moom-walking* and curtain-twitching to do. I’m practically a Desperate Housewife!
Now, I know I may have mentioned before that my career aspirations reach as far as that of a glamorous, well dressed, housewife, but now that I am one (OK, forget the glamorous and well dressed bits), I’m more than a little disappointed with the amount of gruelling work that’s involved. To make things worse, I haven’t even been able to give up the day job! What’s the point of a boyfriend who isn’t going to work all the hours the gods send to keep their better half in crimplene A-line dresses and immovable hair-dos?

Anyway: Moan over. The book I have finished reading was Making Money, by Terry Pratchett. Here it is:

I’m not going to review it because I haven’t got enough time (this is yet another post written while I’m at work), but if you want to know what it’s about, click the link up there which will take you to the Wiki entry. It can’t be that bad because SP read the blurb on the back cover and was immediately intrigued. So much so that he now wants to read it.

Now that I’ve finished Making Money, I can move onto a rather weighty tome given to me for my birthday by a close friend. Actually, this friend isn’t as close as I’d like, both geographically and physically. Still, Shepperton isn’t too far by broom when I feel the need for stalking visiting him…

The book in question is Bone, by Jeff Smith. I’ve only just started it, but my not-close-enough-friend raved about it, so it must be good as he’s a very discerning and well read editor. I think I’m going to like it, not least because some of the background art reminds me of Bill Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes strips, and there appear to be numerous bizarre and imaginative creatures in it**.

* Moom is our dog. Well, she’s like a person in the house, but definitely a dog when we’re out, what with chasing things and bum sniffing, and the like.
** Perhaps not quite as bizarre as the diaphanous slime creatures of Ahnooie 4.


  1. I’m practically a Desperate Housewife!

    Which one?

    Whatever happened to crimplene, by the way?

    Wait…(idea!) I’ll make that your drag name. Ha!


  2. Do you find yourself on your knees a lot, your hard working efforts rewarded with a pearl necklace? Well, those Desperate Housewives are either cheating whores or conniving bitches...which one are you? ;)

    I hope you find time to enjoy your Bone, perhaps share it with SP!

  3. You still haven't set up the Demon Box?! Good lord - slacker!

    Um, "I'm not going to review it … click the link up there which will take you to the Wiki entry"??? That is the single laziest thing I've ever read on a blog! Moom would be disgusted with you. I hope she slobbers in your dinner.

    Your close friend can't be too discerning if you're his close friend - ha ha h- oh. Anyway, I'll be interested to see what you think of Bone - oh, but hang on, it'll probably take you about seven years to read. I might as well just go to the Wiki page and see what that says.


  4. Being a desperate housewife is ardeous work but at least you have a fella unlike the rest of u...oh I mean me.

    Keep us updated on the goings on in your new castle.


  5. MJ: I'd like to think I'm a domestic goddess like Bree, but the reality is that I'm more like that conniving bitch Lynette.

    Oh, and I believe the world's crimplene resources were melted down and reprocessed as shell material in the 80s.

    Eros: As I'm too lazy- Sorry, loved up, to cheat, I suppose that makes me a conniving bitch.
    Hmmm... I really am like Lynette!

    SP has already remarked on the sheer size and weight of my Bone.

    Dinah- Oops! I mean TIm: Sorry. That 'Zing!' threw me.

    I hope she doesn't slobber in my dinner, but when I came home the other day, Moom had managed to leave a massive blob of slobber on the TV screen. Probably after a forceful head shake...

    CyberPetra: If only we could afford a houseboy, then the only part of me that would be sore and aching would be my throat.

    From yelling orders at him, not anything else!

  6. Oh sure.

    I'm convinced *rolls eyes*

  7. This blog is a testament to laziness .
    I dont know once you girls get a ring on your finger , you transmogify into a lazy slut , slobbing around in your quilted nylon housecoat and curlers all day , casting avaricious eyes at the argos catalog , watching Jeremy Kyle , flicking through heat mag and moaning about doing a bit of shopping and dusting.
    I bet the poor SP has to stagger home after a punishing days work to a microwave dinner a barrage of complaints and a headache.

  8. Haaaaaaaaaa!!! at what Beast said.

  9. 'Petra: It's the truth.


    BEAST: Oh, ha. Ha. I can't wait for the days when what you say becomes true.

    MJ: Oh, don't encourage him.

  10. It has nothing to do with the fact that MJs former, now you and SPs, houseboy has a big um, interlect?

  11. How thick is the book Bone? You could kill someone with that! Please say it has pictures. I love the cover art.


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