Friday, 17 April 2009

Concerning flight

I watched Superman Returns last night. Well, SP wanted to see it because James Marsden’s in it. I don’t think he could give two figs about the film – He just wanted to gaze upon James’ beauty and razor sharp cheek bones. I must admit, I never turn away in horror when he graces the screen, so I didn’t mind too much that SP was being more than a little blatant. One comment did give me pause, though. He was talking about preferring James as Cyclops wearing that leather costume in X-Men when he hesitated with a big grin on his face. “Cwoooarr!” he said. “I wouldn’t mind his massive cyclops coming at me.”
And this was while I was in the room. Sitting right next to him! The cheek.

Anyway, the point I was going to make is related to both last night’s televisual viewing and
something Tim said recently about having flight as a super power. It was while I was piloting Broom to work this morning, wrapped up tightly, that I marvelled about the amount of scantily clad flying superheroes (and supervillains) who don’t seem to be affected by windchill. Superman I can understand due to his resistance of the cold (he lives in an Arctic ice castle, for starters). The Human Torch keeps warm because he’s on fire. Phoenix is all powerful and probably shields herself from the deleterious effects of flight. But what about the rest of them? How do they keep warm and/or stop their eyes streaming? How? Do any of you lot have superpowered alter-egos and have to adapt to the effects of your powers?

Oh, and Tim, if you’re fed up with being so attractive, you’ll just have to try and switch off your Timtational sexy pheromone secretions!

- - -

Just to be tangential: There aren’t enough people called Cynthia. I don’t know any Cynthias except for Cynthia Nixon and Cynthia from some old British comic (I believe she burnt some cakes during her gang/class’s re-enactment of historical events?). And even then, I only know of them. Does anyone else know any Cynthias?


  1. I have 'Petra the superhuman fashion icon and stylist extraordinaire.

    I'll have to get back to you on the Cynthia thing because at the top of my head I only remember Miss Lesbionic Nixon

  2. I'd imagine that flying at supersonic speeds generates a lot of friction heat; thus, people wear just their undies or as little as possible to stay cool.

    Well, I actually worked with two Cynthias; one was nice, pleasantly plump, and brought us some good food to snack on! The other was a psycho stalker--had to keep changing my route home in case she was following me. Thank goodness she left the state.

    But I am aware of some other Cynthias:

    Cynthia Rothrock--martial artist movie star and real life a$$ kicking champ!

    Cynthia--Angelica Pickle's doll from the animated series Rugrats.

    and the most famous one of all,
    Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper aka Cyndi Lauper--singer, songwriter, actress, human rights activist extraodinaire! Icon.

  3. Wasn't John Lennon's first wife called Cynthia?

    SP's clearly already looking to replace you - you've become familiar, routine. Is Marsden at the top of his laminated list?

  4. Cynthia Rowley is a designer.

    Cynthia Watros was bat-shit crazy Annie Dutton on Guiding Light, and Libby on Lost (love her).

  5. Do dead Cynthias count. If so, I went to school with one. Though she wasn't dead then.

  6. " Does anyone else know any Cynthias?

    Thankfully not.

  7. I work with a Cynthia... she's very sweet.

    My cousin's wife is a Cynthia but she prefers to be called Cyndi. She's a wonderful person and I like her lots, as do I my cousin.

    That's about it for me.

    No, wait... the very first horse I took riding lessons on was an old mare named Cindy... which is short for Cynthia. Does she count?

  8. Of course there is Cynthia Rowley. How could I not remember that?!?

    There is also Cynthia Ann Crawford aka Cindy Crawford who starred in that dreadful movie Fair Game. She was also an international supermodel, launches her own homewear range and sells cremes on the home shopping network.

    I wonder if the doll Cindy is really named Cynthia. Hmmm.

  9. Two of my brothers married Cynthias - course they went by the name Cindy, but still.

  10. How could you forget Madame Sin Cynthia Pane .
    I dont know any Cynthia's personally , and now I find that regretable

  11. MJ: How could I forget!

    * wonders if Tim could be 'persuaded' to pay her a visit *

    CyberPetra: In his satin tights,
    He fights for fashion rights.
    Change their minds,
    and change the world!
    Wonder Woma- *ahem* I mean: Wonder 'Petra, Wonder 'Petra!

    Eros: Ah, so that's how they manage it. It's probably for the best that Broom can't go that fast...

    Sounds like you could have used an invisibility power to escape from The Cynthia.

    Tim: Hmmph! Marsden's one of the top three, along with James Franco (who also makes my list). I've yet to discover the third on SP's laminated list as he keeps it hidden away.

    Dinah: Oh, yes. Cynthia Watros. I do remember her from Lost. I don't watch it anymore, though.

    Spike: Considering the subject, I shouldn't laugh, but as always, you've got me guffawing again.

    P&T: Isn't Cynthia your drag-name, Piggy?

    Ponita: Wow! Cynthia seems like a pretty popular name across the pond.

    Wonder Petra: Your fashion powers aren't on the wane, are they?

    I bet Cindy Crawford's mole is still called Cynthia.

    Tara: What? Your brothers went by the name of Cynthia?!

    BEAST: Then your task is to befriend a Cynthia. Just look out for that stalker one Eros used to work with.

  12. I was well-up for the plaster caster, but then I saw she has to choose you.

    Oh well!


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