Sunday, 17 September 2006



  1. I had to wait for the picture to load, and I was all a-tense with anticipation, expection something horrible and, well, worthy of such a word.
    And then it loaded, and all that happened was I remembered high school biology, and me colouring in the patterns made by DNA.

  2. It's pretty! Is this one of those pictures where there's more????

  3. MMM. Was this the reason for the quarrantine?

  4. Is this what you are seeing right now? Like some sort of blue matrix full of spiral patterns?

  5. IS that some kind of alien virus that is taller that me?

  6. Wasn't that what biology lessons & text books were for, Imogen?

    Miss H
    : More what? There will be nore in the series, if that's what you mean. No more to that particular picture, though.

    Dinah: I'm glad you're paying attention.

    D&T: If I fold in on myself and look up my own nostril, then yes, I can see it right now!

    I_B: I've never seen one taller than 8 feet, so no, this virus is still a good 12 feet short.


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