Sunday, 24 September 2006

Home time


  1. Welcome home.

    You know, just like I always say there is too little blue food, there are too few blue creatures.

    Try and keep the colour

  2. I had a horn..............once................I remember it was a Thursday......................

  3. Welcome back! I will miss the postcards.

  4. i'll miss the postcards too!

  5. Bloody hell, when did you get an avatar? Guess we should just be grateful its not your whole face.

    Where's my cake then?

  6. Well, Miss Claire. I've had an avatar for about a month now. If you'd be bothered to come a lookin' you would've seen. I notice yours has gone back to its natural colour...
    As for cake: On the desk in front of me are four diferrent cakes. A ginger & apple, an orange & apricot, a coconut & apricot and a coffee cake. Yumm! I love it when people have birthdays at work and have to bring cake in. If there're any crumbs left, I'll be sure to send them over :)


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