Thursday, 1 December 2005


Aaarrrrggghhhhhh! I forgot to get the washing out of the infernal machine. And I've been reminded by my sister, Inexcusable (the other one), that it's her fiance's birthday soon. Yet another present to buy. Yet more money to spend. Yet more frustrating trips around the city looking for something suitable amongst all the hideous tat.

Why don't I just use magic to get him a present and do the washing and create more money etc? Because it's too bloody complicated! You need to be a sourcerer to just create things from nothing. I could manage the washing, though, because I have all the raw ingredients such as water, washing powder, the infernal machine...

- pop -

There. Washing's done. Now I just have to have some idea of what to get the future brother-in-law with precious little currency...

Oh, and Honeytom's posting again. Have a look, do.


  1. Use precious currency to buy duct tape, latex gloves, and hire two burly men named Guido to kidnap a sorcerer. Make sorcerer magic up good gift for sis's fiance. Ransom sorcerer off for lots of money, and there all your problems solved.

    No, you don't need to ransom the sorcerer off for lots of money but LOTS OF MONEY. Everybody sees the point.

  2. >two burly men named Guido<
    Are there two such men in the world? One, perhaps, but two so unfortunately named people? Hmm.


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