Monday, 10 October 2005

Witch in the machine

Well, I think I'm getting the hang of things. Slowly.

After spending an eternity rumaging around in the insides of the Demon Box, I believe that I'm getting closer to understanding the point of all this (not the point of ALL this, life/existance and the like).

I came across a most peculiar site while rumaging. It is called Glitter for Brains. Have you heard of the like? Glitter? For Brains? It seems I have a lot to learn about biology in this world. Anyway, although peculiar, it is very entertaining and I shall be visiting it regularly if I can find my way back - I'm terrible with directions! It's a shame I can't tie the broom into this Demon Box creation as it's auto pilot has a better memory than mine. Tragically, the broom's systems aren't compatible. I think it's because it's 900 years out of date...

I understand that the proper protocol is to show this Glitter for Brains place as a link or somesuch. No doubt I'll be spending the next several days trying to do just that!

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