Sunday, 23 February 2020

First Photos of the Year

 I feel like I'm at a loose end, despite having various things to do.  Probably because I have various things to do, actually - I can't muster up the enthusiasm to do any of them.  And I've felt this way since before hearing the sad news that we've lost LẌ (which has only made me feel more "meh").
 So, forgetting everything else and going against my not-really-a-New-Year's-resolution to NOT clutter up the blog with meaningless photo-posts when I've got shit-all else to post about, I've flicked through the few photos I've taken so far this year, and plopped the "best" ones up here.  They're of the same old subject matter that I've subjected you to a thousand times before, so don't expect anything to write home about.

1st January: The first day of 2020 finds the cliff sacrificing itself to replenish the beach again just past the End-of-the-Line (and Camera reminding me to clean its lens...).

3rd January: A cleaned Camera lens later allows for a clear sunset and moon shot.

16th January: The End-of-the-Line

18th January: Revetments at Overstrand's east beach.

1st February: Back to the End-of-the-Line - this time with added cormorants!

Vos Endurance and Nestor

8th February: Out and about at the End-of-the-Line.
Maersk Lifter

Vos Endurance again (she's been hanging around a lot lately - replaced the Vos Gorgeous, I expect)


 Gosh. I've just re-read the begining of this post and I sound really fed up.   I'm not really.  Well, only a smidgen.


  1. Cormorants!!!
    Well, yes, it is that time of year to feel fed up; there is the promise of Spring yet little sign of it. Plus we are all STILL recovering from 2019. Meh, meh, and thrice meh.
    Meanwhile, in 5 weeks time the clocks go forward. Yay!

    1. I have cheered up as I can see blue sky and the daffodils are out. Plus, there was a cormorant on the roof of the Art School in Norwich the other morning (and a couple of Egyptian geese on the other side).

  2. Good to see your groyne wasn't battered too much by Dennis! I never tire of moody sea-scapes and assorted shags, myself. Jx

    PS Spring is very much in evidence here in London - "May be out" indeed, together with early cherry blossom, snowdrops, crocus, daffs and anemones.

    1. Dennis had worn himself out by the time he got all the way over here. He could only manage a bit of a blow and barely even made me moist.

      We haven't got the cherry blossom yet, but all the rest are blooming!

  3. All my moon pictures look like an empty sky with a tiny blot somewhere in the vastness.

    Early spring flowers have shown up in San Francisco too, but still only slightly: plum trees on one side of the street and not the other.

    1. Sounds like you should get NASA to work their magic on your photos?

      Perhaps one side of the street is sunnier (or less murky/foggy) than the other?

  4. I see Jon got in first with "my" dig about shags on the groyne...
    Oh well...
    Lovely images, as always. And I can recommend some excellent pills for fedupped-ness. But you'd have to suffer a hideous ailment! Perhaps just a Bex and a cup of tea and a nice lie-down.

    1. Half a tray of Ferrero Rocher worked a treat!

  5. Spume, dirty lens.. It must be the beginning of a Triga film. I do like cormorants.

    1. Triga films start with spume and a dirty lens?? Wherever do they go from there?


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