Saturday 1 July 2017

It's A Faaaake! Not The Art Of Star Trek - Foreign Relations

  You can blame The Very Mistress MJ for this Star Trek-related post.
 And that we have all these photos of cardboard cut-out Trek aliens on the beach from June's Art Challenge...
  Well, yes, but The Very Mistress made the egregious error of assuming that just because I like Star Trek, I must also like Star Wars.
I don't think she even knows the difference!  
Even I know, and I'm the SubConscious of a witch born hundreds of years ago!
  Quite. So, as punishment, The Very Mistress must wade through this post full of very similar photos of Star Trek aliens having some summer fun and showing the love on Overstrand beach.
  But, before we get to the photos, here is the challenge as set by the winner of the May Art Challenge:

So being that it is June and the summer is here, lets see your best Trek summer creations, it's all about the fun of summer, camping, swimming, all recreation, so either turn a shuttle into an air stream camper, or summer surfing on Risa, but ya gotta use a summer theme, even a cruise liner... ::Ahem:: lol*

The only rules are no battle scenes, no war ships.. It's summertime lets show the love!

* The challenge setter's entry for June's challenge is a space cruise liner!

Showing the love, indeed. They're not going to kiss, are they?  Are they?!?

Ew! Gross!

Awwwww... They're in love (vom)


  As some of you know, I love to leave things until the last minute, so with a deadline of 30th June, I wallowed in three weeks of procrastination before finally getting around to starting work on the Art Challenge on the 24th. Having eventually decided to go with a beach party theme, here's what I came up with:

24th June
  First off the chopping board cutting mat were a Bajoran and Cardassian in shiny shorts. What better way to show the love than these two very much enjoying each others' company despite the shared history of their respective peoples.

The Cardassian's gold short-shorts were inspired by Kylie's gold hotpants in her "Spinning Around" video!

25th June
  Next up was this trio of Bolians and a couple of surf boards. I chose Bolians to add a splash of colour (I almost went for Andorians, but knew that I'd make a mess of cutting out their antennae).

Co-husbands and wife

26th June
  After rushing home from work, I descended upon the beach armed with my cut-outs and Camera. After a typical day of beautiful, bright sunshine while I was at work, as soon as I got home so did the clouds. Also, the tide was almost high, the wind threatened to blow everything away, and to top it all off I was hungry and impatient. Still, I managed to get a few photos that weren't completely awful:


After some rearrangement (spacing the figures further apart - although, I could have positioned the surf boards even further back as they look too small where they are) came this photo and the following two.

I had Camera too high again as the figures look too small for their surroundings (especially the Bolians)

This one's a bit better - I think I was almost laying down when I took it

29th June
  Having finally whittled down the photos to my chosen image, I cropped and touched up (no, not the hunky Bajoran, the sand around the Bolians feet as the cardboard stand was showing), and tried out some "Summer Fun" titles.

No. Not this one...

Hmmm... Maybe...

Yes. This is the one I submitted for the challenge.


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  Oh, Senator Vreenak wants the last word again:


  1. Wow! Lots of work, and it paid off nicely. I have no idea about the various characters, but they do make a very colorful composition. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, LẌ. Despite the weather and my impatience, I really had fun with this. These Trek challenges are a great way to keep in touch with my creative/artistic side.

  2. I honestly thought they were the same thing until reading this - blush -

    1. Then I hope this was punishment enough for you, too?

  3. I am rightfully being punished for my error.

    I saw Star Wars and thought Star Trek. I thought Star Trek and thought of you. Yes, I confused the two.

    I must say the artwork is rather brilliant.

    *returns to sci-fi dungeon*

    1. How does the sci-fi dungeon compare to the oubliette?

      Oh, and thank you!

  4. Is this Bart Simpson snogging with one of these blue beings from the film ? I am rather confused ...

    1. Hang on... You know who Bart Simpson is but not Star Trek?!?

      ::mind boggles::

    2. Bart Simpson lives with the Waltons on our little farm. His dog is called Lassie and he has a horse called Fury. The bluish persons in the background are possibly Schtroumpfs or at least related to them. Are these stills from Blue Lagoon II ? If Bart found love with a Kardashian he at least will not suffer from poorness any more, I think this is a good move for the young man. And sorry, no, I have no clue about "star wars' trek", just not my destination, and I do not like to march, sorry.

    3. Ha! Have you fallen over the Cusp without the rest of us?!

    4. Just another c-beam near Tannhauser gate, its all right here : Obelix does the washing and Getafix, well ...

      By the way, I find it very intriguing what you've done there, on he beach, in the sun ... do You like Ms Highsmith ?

    5. Highsmith, as in Patricia? The lone tourist on Positano Beach who was her apparent inspiration for Ripley? If so, I must admit I've never read anything of hers, nor seen any adaptations. The little that I know of her I've just learned from a quick Google!

      Keep an eye on Obelix. Make sure he does a proper job with the washing otherwise you'll have to set Rick Deckard on him.

  5. Are you going on Stars in their Eyes soon?
    And have you won yet? Because I think you should.

    P.S I have no liking for Star Wars either.... never got what all the fuss was about, and not a patch on Star Trek, or Stars in their Eyes.

    1. I will only go on Stars In Their Eyes when Marti Caine rises from the dead to host the show again!

      Oh. I just googled her - to check the spelling of her name - and discovered that Stars in Their Eyes is not New Faces.

      Hmmm... In that case, I'm going to watch Starman, starring Jeff Bridges, instead.

  6. I seem to have missed all of this, sugar! The art work is marvelous! xoxoxo (did I mis the tinfoil contest, too?)

    1. Yikes! I haven't held, or even contemplated, another Tin Foil Hat compo!

      Aside from dear Savvy, anyone else fancy another go?

    2. Just do it !
      Perhaps it will bring Princess out of the woods ...

  7. Do a post about the tinfoil competition, sugar! That way it shows up on everyone's blog roll (Damn, but that sounds so dirty) or reader feed! xoxox

    1. Yikes! Orders from Mago, Ms Scarlet and you, Savvy. It looks like we shall be going to the Tin Foil Hat Ball after all! I shall have a think about a theme and post about it very soon.


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