Thursday 23 February 2017

Blue and Green...

 Well. What a selection of guesses as to the previous post's Item of Interest! My fancy hasn't been tickled like that in quite some time, let me tell you.
 One of you managed to correctly identify the item in question, but before I reveal who it was, I'd like to share my favourite fancy ticklers. So, in no particular order, the preposterous runners up are:

 Mr Peenee with "I keep thinking it has something to do with the Statue of Liberty, probably because of the color, but it seems unlikely the S of L has taken up refuge in the Castelette. Although in a world where Donald Trump runs the American government, sort of, I guess "unlikely" is a shaky concept."
 Shaky, indeed, Peenee. Especially as I discovered Lady Liberty trying to get in the catflap the other day when I got home from work. Needless to say, she was a little on the large side to squeeze through, so I shooed her out to the pond where she stands in place of one of the solar-powered garden lights (that don't work because of the lack of sunlight Britain enjoys). Turns out she just wanted a little holiday from all the "goings on" across the Pond...
 She won't keep still, though, and all her tramping around has turned the garden into a mud bath! On the plus side, she does stand in for Cromer lighthouse when the bulb needs changing.

 Jon, with: "You've managed to get a courgette? During this crisis?"
 Yuck! No! Although I did buy an iceberg lettuce for the outrageous price of £1.40 the other day!

 Hound, with: "A corner of a cover you have made for one of the alien plants in the greenhouse?"
 I'm disappointed in you, Hound, as it was you (or your comment here) that inspired this thing! But you have reminded me that I need to feed those voracious plants...

::holds nose and heaves bucket of fermenting mince out of the airing cupboard::

 So. Without further ado - or maybe a little ado as this teaser photo attests:

 Anyway, without further ado, may I present the winner: Princess, with

"A tissue paper lampshade perchance?..."

 The Item of Interest is indeed a small, blue, tissue paper lampshade as seen through the wobbly green glass of one of my Viresa demijohn carboy thingies.

And there you have it. Congratulations Princess!



  1. Congrats Princess!

    That last photo is scary. It looks like some sort of space alien about to give birth!

    "Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a gynecologist! Oh, wait..." Dr McCoy "The Troubles With Lines" Star Trek

    1. I'd never noticed it before, but now that you've mentioned it...

      I should think that's one birth Dr McCoy wouldn't want to be on hand for.

  2. Oh my goodness!... What a surprise. I must say that the embiggerated perspective is quite stunning! Fancy filling a big glass jar with paper lights to create a "light spectacular"'s a proverbial work of art darling... you have gotten my creative juices really flowing now... Just as well I'm sitting on a towel...

    1. ::Febrezes liberally and hands over another towel::

      Congratulations, Princess!

  3. Yes, congratulations, Princess.
    Actually I'm so pleased to see Inexplicable's taste in interior design I'm not upset at not winning. It does look a little like something alien is growing, surely?

    1. I live in a big white box that, unfortunately, is full of clutter. So, if there is something alien in here, it's likely to go unnoticed until it springs out from under my dressing table with its little mouth on show!

  4. Love the spooky green "lens" yo used. And well done, Princess.

    1. It's just a shame that the "lens" is a little too big for my camera case...

  5. Congratulations, Princess! I would've wrongly guessed a vase or a beer bottle...

    The light sculpture looks spectacular! It reminds me of the Kanto Matsuri Festival. How festive and fun it must be to parade down the night street with a tall, stylish lantern, hopefully on a calm night with no heavy winds.

    1. Quite. One strong gust and one of those Kanto Matsuri lanterns would take out half the neighbourhood!

  6. It is totally cool and complete unguessable. Also, I wanted to report I have, finally, posted my report on the bookcases of my life.

    1. "It is totally cool" immediately made me think of this :
      "It's gilt-edged and glamourous and sleek by design.
      You know it's jealous by nature, false and unkind.
      It's hard to restrain and it's totally cool.
      It touches and it teases as as you stumble in the debris.".

      Your many bookcases are wonderful! Thank you, Peenee.


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