Monday, 10 October 2016


 With thanks to Mistress Maddie, we have a new blog post! And to clarify (like Maddie did) we are not forty.
 No. Forty is something that happens to other people.
 This is a list of forty questions about us, that we will endeavour to answer as truthfully as we can. The answers will either be from me...
 ... Or from me, the Host.
 Right. Let's get on with it, shall we?


1- Are you named after anybody? My two middle names are the first names of my grandfathers.
2- When was the last time you cried? Saturday night watching the reaction to Ore & Joanne's American Smooth to "Singin' in the Rain" on Strictly Come Dancing.

3- Do you like your hand writing? I do, actually. Despite having enormous hands, the Host is quite dextrous with a pen or pencil.
4- What's your favourite lunch meat? Lunch meat? I don't really know what that is. Do we have lunch meat in Great Britain?
5- Do you have any kids? Not in stock at the mo. The cupboard's a little bare...
6- If you were another person, would you be friends? Probably not as I'd easily be able to pick up on the other me's insincerity.
7- Do you use sarcasm? Surprisingly little.

8- Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.
9- Would you bunjee jump? No. I've got Broom for satisfying any death-defying urges.
10- Do you untie you shoes when you take them off? Of course! I'm not a heathen.
11- What's your favourite cereal? I'm not a huge fan of cereal, although I like oats once they're made into flap-jack.
12- Do you think you're strong? Not particularly. Although I'm stronger than I look.
13- What's your favourite ice-cream? I haven't had a good ice-cream for a long time. I used to like mint choc chip as a child, and I remember having a really nice black cherry ice-cream once. Oh, and a rhubarb & ginger one, too!
14- What's the first thing you notice about people? How annoying they are.  Rude!  Actually, I don't tend to notice many people. I mean, I see them, but I don't really take much notice of them. Unless it's a man with fantastic arms!
15- Red or Pink? Red. I have a difficult time seeing pink due to being colourblind. Actually, red's a bit of a bugger, too!
16- What is the least favourite thing you like about yourself? Where to start? Ooh, I know: Witchface's SubConscious.
17- What colour trousers and shoes are you wearing right now? Kind of a washed-out beige fine cord trousers and no shoes. How glam.
18- What are you listening to right now? iT's YoU, by Zayn, and it's all thanks to Strictly. The Week 2 Pro Dance (starring Gorka "the Corker" and Oksana) was set to Zayn's Pillowtalk - I'd never heard it before, so I immediately found it on YouTube, and from that clicked on iT's YoU and loved it!

19- What was the last thing you ate? Home-grown-and-made apple & blackberry crumble with double cream!
20- If you were a crayon would colour would you be? If I were a crayon I'd be more concerned about who managed to turn me into a crayon and how I was going to not be a crayon than what colour crayon I was. Have I said "crayon" enough, do you think?
21- Favourite smell? Moom the Biscuity. She reeked of biscuits! I used to bury my face in her neck or chest and practically inhale her. After she hauled herself out of her nest (on the right here), she absolutely stunk!
 I wish she was still here...
22- Who was the last person you talked to? My sister, Inexcuseable. But I've spoken to Cedplop the Annoying since then to tell him off for jumping up on my desk with muddy feet, but as he's not a person, I didn't think he counts.
23- Favourite sport? I don't take part in any sport, but I do enjoy watching cricket.
24- Favourite food? CAKE!
25- Real hair colour? Well, it's mostly grey silver now.
26- Do you wear contacts? Yes.
27- Scary movie or happy ending? Happy ending. After all, life is scary enough!
28- Last movie watched? Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - you know, the funny time-travel one with the whales.
29- What colour shirt are you wearing? A blue-grey marl T-shirt.
30- Summer or winter? Neither. Spring!
31- Hugs or kisses? It depends who's on the receiving end...
32- Sweet food? CAKE! Haven't we been here before?
33- What book are you reading currently? Star Trek: 50 Artists. 50 Years.
34- What's on your mouse pad? My mouse. Is this a trick question? Actually, I don't have a mouse pad. What I have is an upturned issue of Attitude (May 2013 - the one with David Witts on the cover. My gods, he is quite something!)
35- What did you watch on TV last? Strictly Come Dancing - The Results! (week 3)
36- Favourite sound? I don't know that I have a favourite sound, but I can tell you my most loathed and detested sound: a ringing phone, closely followed by the morning alarm of anyone but my own.
37- Rolling Stones or Beetles? Beetles, definitely. I love stag beetles, but the cockchafer and water boatman can give it a run for it's money.
38- What's the farthest you have traveled? In one go, without any portals or Cusp interfaces? To San Clemente, California from Norwich, England by coach, 747, and taxi.
39- Do you have a special talent? Not really. Well, there's always the Host's highly bendable digits...
40- Where were you born? Norwich, Norfolk.


So. That's enough about us. Why don't you give it a go, too?


  1. Oh, I think I will. Usually, the questions are too silly, but...I think I can do this. (Benji! Which button do I touch [my grandson tells me i must not push or hit them.just touch.] to get the questions without the witchypoo answers ?

    1. There's a button to do that? You mean I faffed around copy-and-pasting for nothing?! Do you have a spare grandson you can lend me for these kind of technicalities? I promise not to keep him in the pantry.

  2. I love the way you start off behaving yourself and giving nice answers (number 6 is so infj, btw) then you end up with that finger.
    Damn, I've given away how you can revolt me!

    1. And there're seven others that are just as revolting!

  3. 1. Very posh!

    10. Very posh!

    23. Very posh!

    38. Not posh! Intentionally???

    1. Not posh because I was too young to know better!

  4. Fascinating answers! Cool dinosaur! I've never had rhubarb ginger or black cherry ice cream. But I'm curious for some now! Oddly enough, I disliked mint flavored ice cream as a child because mint was the usual flavor of our toothpaste, & I didn't want to eat toothpaste! And I still don't like mint ice cream!

    It surprises me still just how different tastes or entertainment choices are between nations. I mean, Zayn's Pillowtalk & other songs were hits here, so they played heavily on the radio last year but I've never heard his It's You, & cricket still confuses me--even though we had a league & local team when I was growing up--you can rightfully guess that I wasn't big on team sports, unless you count track & field relays...& the occasional volleyball games & canoe team races.

    The California trip sounds like an adventure!

    1. You have cricket in the US?!? I thought it turned into baseball when our backs were turned?

      The California trip was years and years ago - well before Witchface dropped in. I'm sure it must have been an adventure at the time, but I don't remember much of it now. I have vague recollections of being on that coach when it stopped at Thetford (or somewhere similar) to pick up more passengers, and I remember taking off in the 747 (exhilarating!), and getting lost in downtown LA...

  5. I'll do this after I do yard clean up! ;) xoxoxox

  6. Oh what fun that was! Really, you have large hands? You know what they say about guys with large hands! I love all those ice cream flavors you mention, but was shocked you didn't list any of your witch like skills as special talents.

    1. It was fun, and it's all thanks to you!

      And, yes, buying gloves is an expensive and time consuming practice ;)

    2. Like Maddie, I picked up on the "large hands" and feel you haven't adequately addressed the "you know what they say about guys with large hands" bit.

      Oh, and did someone mention CAKE?

    3. I think you'll find I said ENORMOUS and not just large!

      Oh, Christ! Yes, the CAKE. I'll see if I can get a copy of Delilah Smythe's Catastrophic Cakefarts through customs for you.

    4. And people wonder why I NEVER eat the cake at the Infomanaic Diner.

    5. ... pfffrrrrtt ...

    6. Good gods! There's fondant icing EVERYWHERE!

  7. We are as twins!! I still have my tonsils too!!!
    A meme.... I say, haven't had a go at one of these in a while.

    1. As your twin, I already know what your meme answers will be, but it will be nice if you can satisfy everyone else's curiosity.

  8. Well done!
    I love a good rhinoceros beetle, a christmas beetle comes a close second

    1. I'd never heard of a Christmas beetle until now. Shiny! Just like a Christmas tree ornament or bauble.


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