Sunday, 20 December 2015

Cromer Crab Cadavers

A collection of crab tails
 In A Witch Wanders Toward Winter, after being presented with only crab claws, Hound asked what happened to the rest of the body parts.

 Well, a few days ago I took another walk on the beach, and - Abracadaver! - discovered the missing pieces of the puzzle:

A "hand" of crab claws

A spray of claws

Cancer pagurus leg (or pereiopod)

More crab legs and a partial claw arm (cheliped) still attached to a bit of thorax

Partial shell of Cancer pagurus

Crab shell cavity

This one's lost his/her eyepatch!

Crab tail (abdomen)

Upper and lower parts of the tail

 After trawling through those crab parts, here are some other flotsam and jetsam from the beach:
Holey (not holy) stones and driftwood

A mermaid's purse (egg case from a skate)

Underside of some sort of mollusc...

...and from the side...

...and the pretty topside.

This red gurnard was flopping around on the sand, presumably having been washed up by a wave, so I gingerly (because it had lots of sharp, pointy fins) flung it back in the sea!

Whelk egg cases


  1. Colorful comber crab collection! Congrats!

  2. Ah, so you were finding someone's leftovers. The Cromer equivalent of an abandoned kebab!

    1. Yes, the mermaids around here go all out on a Friday night, and this is the result.

  3. My goodness, but I bunch of mermaids have a thanksgiving dinner or what? I have never seen so many parts laying about. At least the red gurnard survived, as creepy as it is. Amazing pictures handsome!

    1. Those mermaids certainly are messy eaters. And I'm wondering if the gurnard did survive after I threw it back - It probably got devoured, too!

  4. You're pretty good on body bits.(The Latin names, I mean.I wouldn't presume to know about any other sort of "good.")
    I wonder we'll find on our beach? A couple of Life Savers in scarlet lycra and perhaps some bits of shell...

    1. Well, Wikipedia helped a bit with the names.

      Life Savers in scarlet lycra, you say? Photos please!

  5. Well,the best I could find was, but when they drag to check for jellyfish, most of them wear leggings.

    1. Well, at least it's not David Hasselhoff in his Baywatch days.

  6. Beach combing, my arse.

    You simply emptied the bin from Cookie's Crab Shop.

  7. Merry Christmas!! I'm officially no longer crabby.

  8. Awesome fotos! One must always be careful & practice safety when getting close to unfamiliar fish. You can't just let your wood drift into any mermaid's purse; you'll likely to catch loads of crabs that way.


    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you & yours, IDV.

    May the holidays surround you with joy & peace, & May the New Year bring you good luck, good people, & good times!

    1. Oh, Eros, I've missed you and your eloquent and thoughtful words of wisdom.
      I hope you're enjoying yourself, and have a happy New Year, too!

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you, lx. I hope you had a wonderful time, too.

  10. PS: Have you seen the new Star Wars yet?

    1. Not yet, but, rather surprisingly, The Mother has shown an interest in seeing it, so I may escort her in the very near future?

      Have you? And, if so, what did you think?

    2. Yes, saw it twice last week — 2D and 3D IMAX. Will likely see it a couple of more times. The crowd at both showings were of mixed ages and seemed to enjoy it.

      Yes, I liked it. The overall feel of it is more in line with the original.


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