Monday, 14 December 2015

A Witch Wanders Toward Winter

Cancer pagurus cheliped star
 Right. I suppose I'd better publish those photos I promised a couple of posts back. There are a selection from my wanderings in Cromer, Overstrand and Northrepps from the past month or so.

 Oh, and be warned - there are quite a few to trawl through. I did consider splitting these photos up to cover three posts, but decided to bore you all senseless in one go, rather than spread it out. Aren't I thoughtful?

 On with the show, I suppose. After the jump, Cromer is up first:

Through the trees, and over Kings Chalet Park, Cromer church tower can be spied.

Cromer town centre and the pier as seen from the cliff path.

A bit of unruly bush spoiling the sea and sky.

Gah! This Gorse covers quite a large portion of the cliffs.

Any minute now I expect David Bellamy to emerge from the undergrowth.

Phew! That's better. Out in the open air again. This is the view towards Overstrand.

Some beach. A bit nippy for swimming at this time of year, though. Unless one is a seal.

Looking back towards Cromer.

And relax!

 Now for Overstrand:

Next stop: Norway.

Looking east along the prom(enade) towards Sidestrand and Trimingham.

Cromer to the west.

This looked better in real life.

On the beach.

Look what the tide dragged in.

"Cromer" crab-claw (Cancer pagurus cheliped) pentagram.

 And, finally, Northrepps:

Ah... Soothing, isn't it?

An open Earth point can be quite useful if you're in the know.

Looking over the fields towards Northrepps village - one can just see the church tower.

Hmmm... This one's a bit clunky.

My favourite tree.

Squirrel-gnawed pine cones can be remarkably effective.

Over the trees (and before you drop off the cliff) is the Royal Cromer Golf Course.

You can't see it, but Overstrand is over that hill (again, before you drop off the cliff).

 There. All done.


  1. I have to confess to a weak spot for gorse. There, admitted it publicly. What did you do with the rest of the crabs? Or do they get eaten & the tide just wash in the claws.
    I must be feeling sensible, I haven't commented on crabs in your bush. Whoops, there I go.
    It looks cooold out there in the wilds...

    1. Aside from the odd leg, those claws were all that was there. No shells or tails, just claws. It's very peculiar!

      I'm glad that you managed to redeem yourself from sensibleness at the last moment.

  2. Crabs-in-bush have already been "done" and, anyway,these are such soothing images I'm not feeling flippant.
    The misty shot over the fields (#1) has set me up for the day. xx

    1. You know what they say: The early bird catches the crab, or somesuch...

    2. Hell's teeth! I'm out of my cot before 5am and still haven't seen a crab!(Probably a good thing as I am now, sadly, allergic)

    3. Ug. That's way too early. The crabs probably aren't even up then (not that they have any reason to avoid you now, though).

  3. "Next stop: Norway"

    Watch that last step! [rim shot]

    PS: Lovely tour. Thank you.

    1. Just a step to the right (without instigating a timewarp) before that last step and one can end up in Denmark. CyberPetra won't know what's hit her!

      Glad you liked it, LX.

  4. I thought for a moment that you had dicovered a Crabclaw Stinkhorn...
    Someting must be feasting on the Cancerian critters to have so many claws washed up on the shore. Perhaps you've had an invasion of starving cephalopods...
    Lovely tour darling, your favourite tree looks like an "Upsized Bonzai" I quite like it too...

    1. Ew! I imagine the stink would be so much worse than from a normal stinkhorn.

      I have no idea what's going on with all the left-over claws as the claw meat is some of the best! Perhaps those cephalopods, though starving, are also quite picky?

  5. Lovely pictures! Anything with a beach has me at hello. And did you arrange the pinecones and crab claws like that? The pinecone one would make a lovely Christmas greeting card.

    1. Thank you! Yes I did do the arranging, and thanks for the card idea - that's next years sorted out (I've already done this year's).

  6. Cromer is visited in Bill Bryson's latest book, "The Road to Little Dribling."

    And Cookie's Crab Shop gets a mention too.

    1. I wonder how they both fared? If you recommend it, I may have to purchase a copy.

    2. Cromer is only briefly mentioned but it fares well as do other parts of Norfolk, mostly.

      This is Bryson's sequel to "Notes from a Small Island," written about 20 years ago.

      Sadly, much has changed in Britain and not for the best. But it's heartening to read that there is still much natural beauty to be found and interesting places to visit. Bryson, an American, truly loves living in England and it shows.



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