Wednesday 1 October 2014

My! Haven't you grown?

From a warm, sunny day in May...

... to the end of September.

Don't make any sudden moves!

 I'd almost forgotten about these little horrors until I wandered around the garden trying to decide which bits to submit to MJ's annual Garden Photos Event.


  1. Re pix #4: "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr Device!"

    PS: You may have your entry for MJ's 2014 Garden Compo right here!

  2. I will creep away quietly and hope that the spiders don't notice me.
    I have pictures at the ready for the garden show... For the first time ever I was ready for the summer event that rivals the Chelsea Flower Show... and now my bush is wilting :-(

  3. so, you'll be eaten shortly,
    never to be heard from again?

  4. von LX: As Norma herself is here, I give you the next best thing: Shakespears Sister.

    Ms Scarlet: A wilting bush? That will never do. Perhaps it need moistening?

    Norma: GLOMP!

    * silence *

  5. It's time to decide.

    See my latest post, Bitches.

  6. von LX: Well, I've never used Broom in such close conjunction with "ointments and salves"!

    Oh, and: * HUFF * :

    "that involved traveling through the air and partaking in wild sex and other rites" - I've yet to arrive anywhere on Broom and be offered wild sex.


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