Saturday 18 October 2014

Cromer's Glacio-tectonic Folds - 89 in the 100 Great Geosites of the British Isles

 I was perusing io9 the other day, as is my wont, when I happened upon their article promoting the 100 Most Interesting Geological Locations In The British Isles.
 Hang on a mo, I thought, I live in the British Isles. Let's see if any of these supposedly interesting geosites can be found anywhere near me
 After a few deft clicks to the Geological Society's website, I discovered that I live on top of one! Number 89, in fact.

  Technically, this glacio-tectonic fold is located in the village of Sidestrand rather than Cromer, but Cromer is the nearest town, so I guess that's why it got top billing.

 Anyway, here are some photos I took when I went for a swim back in July (click to embigulate):

Oh, and here are a couple of photos showing the terrible surroundings and awful weather I had to put up with at the time:

 Ghastly, wouldn't you agree?



  1. It looks a little crumbly for climbing, so be careful. Better fly up instead!

  2. I think it looks lovely darling... given that i have a 4 hour drive to get to anywhere that even resembles a beach...
    I'm a little jealous

  3. It's so empty there. And so clean, no cans or plastic stuff. Is this really in Europe ?

    Can you tell me what this wooden construction is for that stands before number 89 ?

  4. von LX: It certainly is crumbly. While I was there some of it crumbled down in a mini-avalanche. Plus there's a wide band of clay at the base which, if one was to try walking across, would take one's wellies (and legs) off!

    Princess: 4 hours?! I'd forgotten quite how expansive Australia is.
    Perhaps you could empty out one of those veg baths, fill it with sand & water and just pretend?

    Mago: Yes, we're quite lucky on the North Norfolk coast. Several beaches have Blue Flags for cleanliness etc (including Cromer and Mundesley [the next large village/town along]), and the tourists mainly stick to the well-known or larger seaside towns and leave the villages alone.
    The sloped construction is a revetment which helps prevent cliff erosion from the sea.

  5. Oh, and Mago: I've just discovered that the wooden revements photo in the wiki article I linked to is from Overstrand - the village in which I used to live between Cromer and SIdestrand. I thought it looked familiar!

  6. Why is it so empty on that gorgeous beach????
    I will send you some Devon tourists... I'll just go fiddle with some road signs.

  7. [unrelated, sorry]

    Just read this.

  8. Don't you dare, Ms Scarlet!

    : Well, there's a perfectly good, non-superstitious, reason why witches would stay away from "witch bottles". After all, who in their right mind would want to dally with someone else's hair, fingernails and urine? Yeeuch!

  9. Remember to wash under your folds.


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