Friday, 4 October 2013


So, here's another update of books-read-so-far-this-year. Well, I say books - there's a couple of graphic novels and two or three short stories, too. Still, I read them, so they count!
 And like last time, you don't have to take any notice of this - It's to aid my failing memory for the end of the year.

  • The Things, by Peter Watts
  • Revelation and Dust (Star Trek: The Fall), by David R. George III
  • Trillions, by Nicholas Fisk
  • Moon over Luna, by David R. George III
  • Saga (volume one), by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
  • Ex Machina (Star Trek), by Christopher L. Bennett 


  • Psychic Warrior, by David Morehouse
  • Smoke and Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman
  • The Buried Age (Star Trek: The Lost Era), by Christopher L. Bennett

  • Pawns of War (Star Trek: Romulans), by John Byrne
  • Echoes and Refractions: The Chimes at Midnight (Star Trek: Myriad Universes), by Geoff Trowbridge
  • Echoes and Refractions: A Gutted World (Star Trek: Myriad Universes), by Keith R. A. DeCandido 

 I must say, Blogger's supposedly easy picture positioning tool thingy is getting right on my nerves. It's rubbish! It doesn't postition anything easily or quickly, and I end up having to fight the HTML demons to do it the old fashioned way.



  1. For best results with Blogger (and preserving one's sanity), one needs a Black Belt in HTML.

  2. if you go to the library & a book you're
    searching for isn't in, i do not have it.

    you & the baby are adorable!

  3. I still haven't read anything remotely related to Star Trek.

  4. LX: Do you know anyone who runs a class?

    Norma: Thanks for letting me know - It'll save me a trip.

    And: Thank you (from me and Babyzilla).

    MJ: Well, if you like a good political thriller, may I recommend The Crimson Shadow?

    And it's nothing to do with that time of the month, either!


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