Monday, 30 September 2013

Babyzilla: The Time Vampire

While Uncle IDV is distracted by the camera, 
Babyzilla quickly wolfs down one of the cats.
 Oof! Sorry I haven't been around much. It seems that any free moment I've had has been intercepted by my sister Indescribable and her monstrous progeny, Babyzilla. If I haven't had to go and decorate her hall, I've had to 'zilla-sit when she comes to visit and then promptly buggers off with Inexcuseable! Honestly, that creature guzzles time like Miley Cyrus at an "it's-all-about-me" buffet. 

 Actually, I'm not being entirely fair. It hasn't all been about Babyzilla. There has been a spate of manual labour at The Parents', too. I thought all that was over, but they've recently had their garage converted into a bedroom and muggins here was tasked with decorating it! 

 Oh, and I've painted and wallpapered Inexcuseable's bedroom, too!

 Well, that's all over now (except for a modicum of upcoming garden maintenance at The Mother's request), so I plan to get back to blogging forthwith. In fact, I was just thinking about Hallowe'en: I'd better start looking at "holiday" brochures for our annual trip over the Cusp. After all, we don't want another ham-fisted adventure like this one

 Do you?


  1. What a wonderful pix. Babyzilla is such a cutie!

  2. Oh, you say that now, LX, but she's not stomping through your city destroying buildings and chowing down on hapless civilians.

  3. Anonymous30/9/13 22:47

    HA! Uncle IDV!

  4. Wait til Babyzilla starts crawling...put your beloved Trekkie DVDs high out the way!

    She's adorable though!

  5. what a sweetie! adorable baby, sugar! xoxoxox

  6. Speaking of cuties, I've never seen you smile so brightly!


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