Sunday, 9 June 2013

Preparation for the Infomaniac Garden Photos Event

As it's only a couple of months away, I thought I'd better get prepared for the annual Infomaniac Garden Photos Event.

I'm going back to my roots this year (no pun intended) in having only a back passage to bring forth into luxuriant green growth. From 1998 to 2008, I lived in a small rented terrace house with only a concreted passageway with which to call the shots in plant wise. There was a back lawn and paysho*, and a paved & gravelled front, but these were generally maintained by the landlord, so I made do with gardening in pots. As you can see below:

Then, in 2009, I moved in with my SP** in his large-gardened semi-detached property and suddenly had a whole, proper garden (front and back) to contend with. Here are some photos from our time together:

After we parted in September last year (anything but acrimoniously), I moved in with my sister, Inexcuseable DeVice (maiden name, as she's married). As she and her husband maintain their front and rear, I have been instructed to "do something out the back door as I hate seeing all that concrete!" So, I've made a start and I'm hoping it'll turn out something like my original back passage as the year progresses:

As you can see, the plants are coming on nicely. The top photo is from a month ago, and the bottom one from the other day.  Roll on August!

* Because I find the word patio vulgar.
** For those who don't know, or have forgotten, this is an SP.


  1. Mistress MJ is pleased to see that you've finally decided to do something constructive with your spacious back passage.

  2. It remains to be seen whether it can contain the mighty Gunnera!

  3. I very much like the gardening pots. It looks like you're off to a nice start.

    The last one I did was for hot pepper plants.

  4. I'm about to move from a house with a garden to a flat with a balcony. I'm looking forward to gardening my balcony again. Lots and lots of pots.

    Get your back passage sorted hun, no one likes an eyesore.


  5. Your potted garden is looking lovely... It should be looking even more of a picture by the time our entries are due in...

    by the way...

    I'm very glad the Empress knew exactly what to do with those Freakin' Green Elf Shorts you sent me...


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