Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Doctor McCoy, I presume?

Much as I loved the first nuTrek film in 2009, I have grown weary of it now. In fact, so weary am I of the whole rebooted concept, that I couldn't give two figs for the new film out in a week or two.

Or so I thought.

I took one look at this new poster and knew that I had to go and see Star Trek Into Darkness for this scene alone!

This scene could only be bettered if Chris Pine Kirk
 and Sylar (not Spock) joined him!

A moist Karl Urban as "Bones" McCoy is enough to get me all hot under the collar. I may have to join him in that shower in an attempt to cool off...



  1. Maybe it's a plot point where Scotty mistakenly turns the transporters into showers!

  2. Is Simon Pegg in the new one? I really enjoyed the last one.

  3. I only watch Star Trek for the hairdos.

  4. LX: I can live with that!

    Miss Scarlet: Yes, he is. Would that be the reason for enjoyment, perhaps?

    MJ: Then I wouldn't bother with this one. Not a Shatner rug, an Uhura bouffant, or a Janice Rand basket weave in sight!


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