Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello, Dave.

We are going away tomorrow to Poofiest Yorkshire. I doubt even our presence will make it noticeably more poofy as these two seem to have it pretty much sewn up.
Anyway (Piggy's favourite word), I thought I'd let you know as I'll be incommunicado for the next five days. And before you start, I realise that you'll hardly notice a difference!

Just as a warning: I'm going to leave my trusty Demon Box overseer to keep an eye on things in my absence. Mind you all behave yourselves, now!


  1. It looks like a washing machine combined with a fridge-freezer…

    WV: jolly

  2. You should at least make a stop in Penistone to see Tazzy and Piggy’s gloryhole.

  3. I would think the IDV 9000 would be put to better use in Poofshire. I'm sure it can keep that Piggy in line when he gets out of hand--and flush him out of an airlock when he misbehaves.

    Enjoy your trip and have fun.

  4. It rather looks like and old iPod Shuffle... with a decal on the top for disguise.

    Hope you have a stupendous time poofing it up in Yorkshire!

  5. Just promise to be back home on my birthday!

    Take care, drive safe and try not to catch any pig flu up there.

  6. Blimey , Yorkshire will be the epicentre of poofishness , measuring 10 on the mincing scale .

  7. We're disappointed you haven't come to see us!


    Thankfully, Yorkshire's quite a big place. Isn't the countryside beautiful?