Wednesday, 30 August 2006


Oof! I've arrived!

Dropped into another drone-host this morning. There're plenty of useless lum... I mean willing hosts here to utilise. Most of the population here on Sevane are more than willing to give up their bodies for a while. It means they can go and visit somewhere or someone else, while renting their own body out to an incoming tourist. A bit like time share, I suppose...

Anyway, I left the Host behind (it was his mum's 60th birthday, or something, so he couldn't come) and trans-stellar spectralised onto the station in orbit of the planet. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of Sevane as a holiday destination, I was caught in a spectral holding pattern for a couple of hours waiting for a suitable drone-host. It was while caught in the ether, that I sent the first postcard. I must admit, the postal service is excellent. It only took eight days for the card to reach the Host. Not bad considering the 244 light-year distance!

Another plus point is the e-connection. Sevane has a marvellous substar-broadband network. One of the substar-cords even reaches Earth! I think it traverses the sub-psi, but it could run through L-Space for all I know. Unfortunately, the Earth-end isn't tied down very well, so it's constantly flailing around like an epileptic at a rave. Consequeyntely, searching for a connection is a bit hit-and-miss so you may have to put up with postcards and no posts. It seems to have linked up all right this time, though.

Speaking of 'linked up', the Host has just Instant Messaged me. It seems another of my postcards has arrived.

Oh dear. It's the one after 'the night before'. Bugger!

Well. That wasn't too bad. At least my spelling was ok.

Actually, there's an interesting story to this one. The picture is by one of the few humans to have been to Sevane. The director of the Gomethire Institute for Transport (I know. I know. Hence the title) liked his work so much, he commissioned a few pictures for retail purposes. I believe the artist, a Mr Bill Pragnell, has a website of some of his work here. I think I sent a postcard from the Darsivi Embassy so I expect it'll be with you shortly.

Anyway, must go - loads to see and do.


  1. Uh, another postcard! Marvellous!

    Oh and happy 60th to the Hosts mum.

  2. ooohhhh...that sounds like alot of fun! Glad your night out didn't end in unspeakable acts (if it did, I want to hear about it). I'm so glad that even though you are 244 light years away, you manage to spare a thought for all the flying monkeys.

  3. Lovely postcard. Sevane seems like a great place.

  4. I lurve the dirigibles post card. What cool art work!

    Have fun, and send more postcards of your misadventures....


  5. Weather is here, wish you were nice.


  6. >>it's constantly flailing around like an epileptic at a rave. <<

    Travel broadening the mind then?

    :) x

  7. I love holidays. Makes you feel glad to be alive. I wish I was.


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