Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Black box

For anyone who pilots some sort of vehicle, be it motorbike, car or broomstick, I urge you to click here: and sign the petition to say 'Good Heavens, No!' to having a black box style monitoring and control device fitted to your private mode of transport. It's not just motorbikes that will be affected - it's all road users, even pedestrians (and those that - horror of horrors - use public transport).

Do you really want the government knowing where you're going, how fast you're going and having the power to limit your speed via remote control? Do you? Besides, it's not safe to have someone driving your vehicle when they're not even in it.

Whatever next!

Thank you Convict for bringing this to my attention.

(Ab)Normal service will return shortly.


  1. Shit! That is such an insane idea to begin with I'm amazed they even bothered to develop the technology. It wouldn't have survived the Dragons' Den, for sure.

    Despite being quite the political sort, I'm actually not too troubled about the concept of ID cards, but this is just crazy. With a capital flububububububhbhbhb.

  2. Fuss and Nonsense.

    Personally I think it should become a legal requirement that all drivers have their feet amputated if they are caught speeding.
    I wonder if this also is possible by means of GPS and a satellite?

  3. FT, yes it is if they are able to tap into the specific connection to the GPS. If you have satnav in your car that shows your speed use that speed rather than the speedo reading as it is more accurate.

  4. Signed!

    Damn nanny-state!

  5. Surely you can subvert this nefarious technology with some old fashioned witch power?

    You could make a mint out of it.

  6. Well, Miss H, I have left a thaum worm burrowing through the government's computer system. Purely by accident, you understand. I only put it down for a moment, then got distracted. You know how it is...

  7. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for curbing speeding, but remote control of vehicles is not the way to do it. It's far too dangerous!

    Given that they now have average speed cameras that they use along stretches of roadworks, I imagine it won't be long before they go up all over the motorway network. Then they can tell if you've been speeding by checking when you entered and left the motorway (via photos), the distance covered and the time you took.

  8. For a sec I thought you joking...then realised that it's not a joke and they are serious!!! There's a spacker if ever I saw one.


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