Saturday, 2 July 2016

"We know what takes up your time!"*

* said Norma (in the comments of the last full post).

Oh my gods! They know. They know!
Stop panicking. They don't know anything.
But what if they do? What if they do?!
Oh, shut up!
We'll tell them half-truths and omit certain incriminating events - They'll be none the wiser.
Shhhhhhh! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! They're here!
Ah. Um. Hello?
Well, for those of you that didn't know what myself, the Host, and the SubC's get up to, this post should explain some of what we've been up to over the last couple of weeks or so.
So, pull up a chair, grab a coffee-
Yeah, you'll need something to keep you awake throughout this snooze-fest now that the interesting stuff has been edited out.
Quiet you!
Let's get on with it, shall we?


Friday, 17th June
Having stayed late at work, I got home to discover that my sister Indescribable and my two nieces had turned up. Oh, the horror.

Saturday, 18th June
Some sort of Little Witch & Babyzilla related nonsense ensued, but I can't put my finger on exactly what.

Sunday, 19th June
With weather hardly conducive for it, I accompanied Indescribable, Inexcuseable's Husband, the Little Witch & Babyzilla to Overstrand beach, and then retired to The Parents' for a meal (cooked rather than marmalised, surprisingly, by Inexcuseable) for Father's Day.

Rather surprisingly, it didn't rain!

The dot in the surf of the middle photo is the Little Witch atop Inexcuseable's Husband's shoulders

Monday, 20th June
I met up with a couple of old friends (one of whom I've known practically all my life, and who is visiting family and friends in Norfolk having moved to California many years ago) for a meal in the really rather hot Red Lion in Cromer, followed by a sunset walk along the promenade.


Tuesday, 21st June
Scolded young people at work for discussing whether "innit" is more correct than "aren't ya". Watched the latest episode of Bones (I don't much care for the actual murder solving anymore, but rather the interactions of the main cast and "Squints").

Wednesday, 22nd June
I expect I pottered around in the garden for a bit (I can't really remember? Oh, and these photos are from the 25th - I just needed some to illustrate this point as I've already got the 25th covered). If you can be arsed, you may wish to compare the growth of these wall-planters with the photos from 8th May.

The "Black-eyed Susan" has just started to flower in the wall-planter at the front of Castlette DeVice

The outbuilding wall-planter is also coming along well

And the herbs in the kitchen window wall-planter have shot up!

Cedplop! What are you about to ruin now, you little ruiner?
Well, at least you didn't ruin these Allium "Christophii" this year

Waterlily and houseleek

Thursday, 23rd June
A walk around the River Bure and Bure Valley Railway in Buxton with the same friends from Monday, followed by a light lunch (and massive cake) in Coltishall.

On the left, behind those lazy cows, is Buxton Mill. Or, it used to be - It's now flats (or appartments)

Grey herons

A male banded demoiselle at rest
A (not-large-enough-for-me - but then one can never have too big a bit of cake!) slice of a massive chocolate mousse cake from A Piece of Cake

Friday, 24th
Work (to take minds off Brexit uproar and general panic/bewilderment of almost the entire country).

Saturday, 25th
Country still in state of turmoil, so I went for a walk where people were not.

Foxgloves on Smallhopes Hill

Some rather unfortunate trees

Foxgloves in Northrepps off Northrepps Road-Nut Lane junction (Northrepps Cottage just out of sight on the right)


Sunday, 26th
After some more gardening in the morning, I met my friend for coffee and cake on the pier before she departed Norfolk for another few years.

Cromer pier


Wednesday, 29th
Did my back in while digging and carrying stuff in The Parents' garden. Consequently, because I can't sit for very long, it's taken me until now to put this post together! It also means that I'll have to have a break before I return to the computron and visit your blogs.

See you soon!



  1. Wow-o-Wow! Busy times. I especially like the pix of the waterways and pier. Do they sell cotton candy (fairy floss?) at the pier? I would love to sit on the pier, watch the ocean, and have some pink or blue cotton candy.

    1. I don't think one can get candyfloss on the pier, but the fairground on the prom is bound to sell it.

  2. Welcome back!
    I love having a wander through your pretty garden (tiny quibble,'s very hard to concentrate on window boxes as that Jake chap hoves into view on the sidebar...)
    And it took me a minute to realise you hadn't gone rambling around Buxton-Oop-North! I kept wondering where all the steep bits had gone!

    1. Ah, yes. Perhaps I should have made it clear which Buxton I'd visited (I have visited the "oop north" one too, but not for a few years).
      As for Jake, don't worry, I'll give him a stern seeing to for distracting you!

  3. well, don't know about anyone else, but i'm exhausted.

    1. You'd better have a sit-down on the pier with LẌ, Norma.

  4. Fabulous pic taking, innit?
    Good grief... I say innit all the time.... but now I'm thinking about it I can't remember how...

    1. You're a right chav, aren't ya?!

    2. No, no, no..... it should be: ain't cha.... with a silent 't'..... no wonder I am confused. Sx

    3. Scolded young people at work for discussing whether "innit" is more correct than "aren't ya".

      The Mistress recently had a conversation with younger colleagues regarding grammar. They couldn't understand why I was bothered. Pointless discussion.

  5. Wow! You have been busy! First off, get well soon. I hope your back gets better. Now to the awesome fotos:

    What kind of hot snacks can I get at Coasta Coffee? Fish & chips? Beans & toast? Something I can recognize from The Great British Bakeoff? Haggis? And are the beaches clothing optional?

    I love the storm watch beach fotos. The beach & skies look inviting yet dangerous at the same time. Sounds like a fun time with the clan, swimming & eating. The sunset fotos from the visit with friends look quite stunning! Such a beautiful, glorious sunset! Perfect location for a nice, cool drink.

    Innit sounds like a bellybutton. The garden looks spectacular, made more lively by the inquisitive cat, which I assume keeps crows & pests out of the garden. The flowers & herbs & bush are flourishing. My fave is the lotus next to the gorgeous houseleek. Everytime I see a lotus, I experience a feeling of Zen, inspired by the transcendental magnificence of the ethereal lotus.

    The river looks awesome--clean, cool, refreshing, inviting. It looks like a fun place to swim. Can you kayak or tube it? Any fish? The cows look delicious, big old BBQ meats, just waiting to be grilled! The birds look very wild & neat. I love the iridescent glamour of the damselfly! The cake looks tasty.

    The twisty trees look like modern sculpture pieces. The woods & flowers look very enchanting. And the hills are just the right size for twirling & singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music!" You live in a magical charming place. The Cromer pier looks spectacular, a perfect fit for a splendid beach! Get well soon!

  6. We all know what you do all the time. I've just commissioned a card sympathising with your Particular Dilemma!

  7. Anonymous4/7/16 20:40

    CAke cake cake CAKE CAKE cake cakecakecake !

    These little waters, creeks, Wasserläufe are small creatures of their own. I like them.

    1. There certainly was a LOT of cake eating.

  8. Wow......stunning pictures and the essence of summer. But should you have pussy running loose in the yard like that?

  9. [off-topic. sorry.]

    Have you seen the new Star Trek movie?

    I saw it yesterday and liked it.


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