Monday 22 September 2014

The Pudding Debacle*

I know, it's not Hallowe'en yet, but I've been reading through some old Coven blog posts and stumbled across this horror from 'Petra:

The Elephant Man in chocolate pudding form?

V for Vienetta Vendetta!

It's almost enough to put one off chocolate for life (and the afterlife).

Here's what some of us thought at the time:

Come back this time next week for another 'Petra-fying adventure 
(or possibly a little earlier as it's nearly 10pm now...)

* Post title from here.



  1. It's not a pudding but a rotten blobfish.
    And of course it keeled over, as you can see clearly in pic one. Perhaps a local speciality.

  2. i believe this is all before my time, but mago's right. my first thought was sea creature too.

  3. LX: Ooh, yes! I'd rather see him than the scary V for Vendetta face.

    Mago: It had probably been popped by one of these.

    Norma: Something like this, perhaps?

  4. Are they religious relics?

    If we build a shrine, will they come?

  5. They are already here, MJ ...

  6. MJ: No! No shrine building, please. We don't want to encoura-

    Oh. Oh, no! They're here, Mago? Run away!

  7. It's an angry face... a face that has been punch with a biscuit...


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