Sunday, 30 August 2009

Birthday brownies

It was The Mother's birthday yesterday, and instead of making her a birthday cake, I made her these birthday brownies:

I wish I'd made more now, as I'm hungry!


  1. No-one ever makes cake for my birthday.


  2. Those look delicious.

  3. * kicks Piggy while he's down *

    Dinah: Thank you. They were, if I may say so myselves, the best I've ever made.
    Although, it could have something to do with the fact that they weren't made in Apocalypse Oven!

  4. May I have one please?

    I'm about ready to burst into tears

  5. Me first!

    I'd appreciate one more than that greedy bastard CyberPete.

  6. Shsdup Piggy

    I'm miserable, haven't slept for 27 hrs and I'm starving.


  7. Ewwww! Get her! Get's butch (ish) when she's knackered, it appears.

    27 hours? Oh, that's a bitch!




  8. OK, no one else has said it, so I'm going to:

    I'm sure they would've been lovely if no one had spunked all over them!

  9. I nearly said it, Tim. But I thought that'd have been a bit rude.

    You naughty boy.

    Besides... Who do you know that can spunk that amount? And would you care to introduce me to them?

  10. The spunk is festooned with silver sparkly bits so it must be CyberPoof's.

  11. Piggy and Tazzy - That's unlike you to hold back.

  12. 'Petra: Oh, of course. Poor 'Petra.

    P&T: Now, now. Wait your turn. There're enough for everyone.

    Oh. Perhaps not.

    'Petra: You sound remarkably like Madonna.

    P&T: And when she hasn't had any, I'll bet!

    Tim: * shocked and appalled *

    P&T: I bet it was Tim. Stalking me yet again.

    * sigh *

    The things I have to endure.

    MJ: Oh, yeah.

    Dammit. And I was really hoping Tim had left his mark.

    'Petra: * papped *

    Tim: Isn't it.

    Just make sure you don't hold back!

  13. Just for the record...

    I was going for a little Sandra Bullock impersonation from Miss Congeniality.

    Would *never* try to be anything like Madge. Ever!

  14. Those brownies look decadent and delicious! Lovely granite countertop!


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